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(OMV affiliates and predecessor brands)

As noted on the OMV page, the company was formed to bring together the Austrian Government's holdings in the oil industry and has plans to become the leading petrol brand in central Europe. In furtherance of this aim, OMV has absorbed many smaller brands in Austria including OROP, PAM, Stroh, Total Austria (Rumwolf) and Avanti. OMV has also superseded the Elan name and a significant proportion of the Austrian Aral chain.

Outside Austria OMV has bought Deltin, DEA stations supplied by Martin, over 350 BP (or Aral) locations in Southern Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Istrabenz, Petrom and 34% of the largest Turkish petrol retailer, PetrolOfisi.


Maps: Elan

Elan map of Austria

Elan issued maps for most of its existence as an independent brand, but its maps are not particularly common. This example on the left probably dates from the late 1960s.
The plainer design (right) comes from June 1973 and is the widely used Platzer/Freytag-Berndt map at 1:600,000. All Elan locations are listed on the reverse along with town plans of the seven provincial capitals.
Map image at left courtesy Dave Leach

1973 Elan map

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Maps: OROP

As noted above the Orop brand was used until the late 1960s by a state-owned chain; when Pam was acquired both names were replaced by the more modern Elan image. It's not known when Orop was first used, but it may have been around 1956 after the Soviets withdrew from the Eastern sector. This map, prepared by Freytag-Berndt u. Artaria is printed on one side of the paper only at the relatively small scale of 1:1,000,000. It is the only known Orop map and dates from around 1961.

ca1961 Orop map of Austria

ca1961 Orop map of Austria - rear

Maps: TOTAL (Rumwolf)

TOTAL was represented in Southern Austria (Kärnten, Osttirol and Murtal [Steiermark]) through Franz Rumwolf of Klagenfurt. Rumwolf used the Aquila brand until around 1962, when Aquila's Italian owners were purchased by Total. Rumwolf the switched to the TOTAL brand, supplying 98 filling stations in 1969, when the map shown here was published, and these Carinthian outlets formed the most significant part of the TOTAL chain, which was weak elsewhere in Austria. It appears that OMV bought out Rumwolf, but that the TOTAL name remained in use until the mid 1990s, when it was replaced by OMV. The map was by Ed. Hölzl, Wien, at 1:200,000 and marked all TOTAL locations.

1969 Tank Rumwolf/TOTAL map of Southern Austria

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    Outside Austria

    Top of PageMaps: Istra-Benz, OMV Istrabenz

    Istrabenz was established in 1948, following the Communist assumption of power in Yugoslavia, to operate the petroleum terminal at Koper, Istria. Over the next 30 years it developed a small chain of Istra Benz (or Istra-Benz) branded service stations, principally in SW Slovenia. By 1991 when Slovenia seceded from Yugoslavia and Istrabenz was privatised, the company had added businesses in tourism and industrial gases. In 1994, Istrabenz entered into a 50:50 joint venture arrangement with OMV, that led to the principal branding at its stations becoming OMV, with the Istrabenz named retained only in a subsidiary position. OMV Istrabenz now supplies around 100 service stations in Slovenia, with small but expanding chains in Croatia and Northern Italy. In July 2004, OMV acquired full control by buying out its local partner.

    1985 Istra-Benz map of Slovenia

    This Istra-Benz map of Slovenia dates from 1985 and was prepared by Auto-Moto Zveza Slovenije at 1:350,000. It marks all towns with service stations (not just Istra-Benz ones) and is a stock map inside custom card covers. One interesting feature is the inclusion of Slovene names for Austrian towns on the map, so that Klagenfurt is also shown as Celovec, for example.
    The OMV-Istrabenz joint venture sold the map (right) in 1996. Its modern cartography by Geodetski Zavod Slovenije at 1:300,000 marks all filling stations with a small red petrol pump symbol, but those selling OMV products have a green disc behind.

    1996 OMV Istrabenz map of Slovenia

    The later OMV Istrabenz map no longer gives the Slovene name for towns in Austria, but it does give the Italian equivalents in Istria (such as Capodistria for Koper).

    An undated, ca2003 Z-card map of Slovenia is credit card sized, opening out to 40 x 23.5cm. One side has a good quality map by Geodetski Zavod Slovenije and a station listing, and there are three city plans and a list of fines for all traffic offences on the reverse.

    ca2003 OMV-Istrabenz Z-card map of Slovenia

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