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Brief History

Preem is one of the newest brands of petrol (gasoline) in Europe being formed after Texaco merged its Swedish interests with those of OK-Villa and Svenska Petroleum (SP). The Preem name was introduced at about 500 filling stations in 1995-6. Preem also built up a chain of 61 service stations in Poland before seling them to Statoil in 2002, but the Polish chain is not known to have issued any maps.


1997 Preem atlas

Preem continued in the Caltex-Texaco tradition of issuing spiral bound atlases in preference to sheet maps. The covers of the 1996 and 1997 (left) editions were similar with both showing an inset map of Västerås in the bear's speech bubble. However as the Luleå extracts from the maps show, despite both being produced by Liber Kartor at 1:700,000, the new map (bottom) is much more boldly coloured with simplified symbols for automat (a) and boat stations (b). The green squares are SÅIFA commercial diesel fuelling sites.

1996 Preem map

1997 Preem map

1997 Preem atlas

As well as 11 pages of maps, each atlas contained 9 pages of town plans at 1:35,000. Luleå's plan locates all four types of Preem station as well as including small sketches of the Dom kyrka (main church) and Stadshus (town hall).

Preem is believed to have issued a sheet map in the late 1990s with a similar cover to the atlases. But by 2008 it had changed its format completely, and contracted Legind (as the successor to Folia Legindkort) to create a sheet map based on the dissected layout popular in Sweden. As with other such maps, Northern Sweden occupied three folds at the smallest scale, Southern Sweden with two folds at around 1:1.1million, and Skåne having a single fold at the largest scale. As before, Preem, SAIFA (unmanned diesel), petrol automat and boat stations were all separately identified on the map. Unlike other companies, Preem's map has a wrap around cover allowing the addresses of Preem stations to be included as well.

2008 Preem map of Sweden

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