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Check The Oil! magazine has two regular columns that are directly related to the topic of this Website. Letter from Europe looks at the relatively undeveloped Petroliana collecting scene in Europe and also at the history of European Petrol Companies. Dave Leach's regular map column covers Oil Company Road Maps from the USA and also internationally, including Europe.

Dave Leach's Map Column

Fall 2016Barnsdall: America's First Refiner?
Early 2016 (34-03)100 Years of Oil Company Road maps: The Journey ends - Collectors Stories
Late 2015 (34-02)100 Years of Oil Company Road maps: 2000: A New Century...A New Way
Mid-2015 (34-01)100 Years of Oil Company Road maps: The Nineties - A New Era Begins
Spring 2015 (33-04)Sigma maps; and
100 Years of Oil Company Road maps: The Eighties - Maps for Sale
Fall 2014100 Years of Oil Company Road maps: The Seventies - How could this be?
Summer 2014100 Years of Oil Company Road maps: The Sixties - Oil Company Maps at 50!
Spring 2014100 Years of Oil Company Road maps: Fabulous Fifties, and Stock covers
Winter 2013/4100 Years of Oil Company Road maps: The Forties - A Decade of Change
Fall 2013100 Years of Oil Company Road maps: Art Deco and Art Moderne
June/July 2013100 Years of Oil Company Road maps: The Golden Age
Spring 2013100 Years of Oil Company Road maps: Some 20s Gems
December 2012100 Years of Oil Company Road maps: 1920s Experimentation
October 2012100 Years of Oil Company Road maps: A.W. Harris, Pioneer
August 2012100 Years of Oil Company Road maps: The Beginning
May 2012Travelaide Map & Directory
March 2012George Washington Bicentennial
January 2012Civil War Sesquicentennial
November 2011Wolf's Head (and Wolverine-Empire)
September 2011Savannah Based companies: SOC & Colonial
June/July 2011Mobil - World Tour
May 2011Mobil - The Flying Red Horse's 100th birthday
March 2011Red Head
December 2010Smith Oils of Rockford, Ill
Oct/Nov 2010Tesoro maps from Alaska
June 2010 &
Aug/Sept 2010
No road map articles
April 2010Maverik
February 2010Views of China
December 2009No road map articles
October 2009Pennsylvania Turnpike
August 2009Early Travel Promotion
June/July2009Promoting Travel: the Touring Service
Mar/April 2009No road map articles
Jan/Feb. 2009Corypenn
Nov. 2008Serve Yourself Gas Stations
Sept. 2008Bay State (and Interstate)
July 2008Douglas
May 2008No road map articles
March 2008Higrade (Waite Phillips)
Jan. 2008White Star
Nov. 2007Canfield
Sept. 2007Florida maps from Northern companies
July 2007Maps with Oil Company advertising inside
May 2007Gates Oil of Denver, and Lilly White of Lima, OH
March 2007Road map finds 2006
Jan. 2007Penna Independent Oil Co (Pennico)
Nov. 2006Agip
Sept. 2006No road map articles
July 2006No article from Dave Leach, but Letter from Europe looked at 1930s Shell maps from Germany.
May 2006Map finds of 2005
March 2006Recent Service Station location maps
Jan. 2006No road map articles
Nov. 2005Mexico (and Pemex)
Sept. 2005No road map articles
July 2005California Pacific International Exposition Maps, 1935
May 2005No road map articles
March 2005Map finds of 2004
Jan. 2005The Esso Portable Map Library
Nov. 2004Ten Years of the Map Column: a review
Sept. 2004Jenney road atlases
July 2004Gulf Oil special maps (2)
May 2004Gulf Oil special maps (1): strip, tour and trip guides
March 2004Road map finds 2003
Jan. 2004Keystone maps
Nov. 2003Billups - "the sign of the hand"
Sept. 2003New York state independent brands
Jul. 2003No road map articles
May 2003Multi-branded maps
Mar. 2003Road map finds 2002
Jan. 2003Co-op maps
Nov. 2002Home Oil
Sept. 2002Cities Service & affiliates
Jul. 2002U.S. history oil company maps
May 2002Deep Rock
Mar. 2002Road map finds 2001
Jan. 2002Animals on maps
Nov. 2001Leonard
Sept. 2001Small oil companies - K, L
Jul. 2001Hess
May 2001Richfield Oil Corp. of New York
Mar. 2001Road map finds 2000
Dec. 2000Current German road maps
Oct. 2000Caltex International maps
Aug. 2000Small oil companies - G, H, I
Jun. 2000Union 76 - Part 2
Apr. 2000Union 76 - Part 1
Feb. 200020th Century road maps
Dec. 1999Sunoco
Oct. 1999Road map finds
Aug. 1999Gas stations on maps
Jun. 1999Small oil companies - D, E, F
Apr. 1999Cartoons on maps
Feb. 1999Ashland & affiliates - Part 3
Dec. 1998Ashland & affiliates - Part 2
Oct. 1998Ashland & affiliates - Part 1
Aug. 1998Credit cards on maps
Jun. 1998no road map articles
Apr. 1998Small oil companies - A, B, C
Feb. 1998Rotary
Dec. 1997Miniature road maps
Oct. 1997Petrofina
Aug. 1997Oil company road atlases - Part 2
Jun. 1997Oil company road atlases - Part 1
Apr. 1997Freedom Oil Company
Feb. 1997Shell international maps
Dec. 1996Interpreting print quantity codes
Oct. 1996Oil company overprints on maps
Aug. 1996Road maps with station locations
Jun. 1996no road map articles
Apr. 1996Atlantic Refining Company
Feb. 1996Refiners Oil Company
Nov. 1995Husky
Sep. 1995World's Fair maps
Jul. 1995Midwest Map Company
May 1995Oil Association maps
Mar. 1995Jobber and local station maps
Jan. 1995Early Gulf maps (pre 1930)
Nov. 1994General road map history
Dec. 1990**Complete sets of road maps
Aug. 1990**Scenic cover road maps
June 1987**Collecting road maps

** The first three articles were not written by Dave Leach but by Noel Levy.

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