Quiz 1 - Identify the missing Brand Name

This quiz shows five typical maps issued between 1955 and 1972. All are of commonly used styles by the companies involved, but none of the exact maps are shown elsewhere on this site at present. I have removed the company logos and names from the maps: you can try and work out which brand they came from. Clicking on the box below each map will reveal the answers. The Date of each map is shown below the click box to provide a little extra help.

To cover up all the answers revealed, use your browser's Refresh or Reload button.

Have fun, and good luck!

Map image - Quiz 3, map1

Map image - Quiz 3, map 2

Map image - Quiz 3, map 3

Map image - Quiz 3, map 4

Map image - Quiz 3, map 5

Map or Cover

Map or Cover

Map or Cover

Map or Cover

Map or Cover






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