Quiz 2 - Guess the European Country

This quiz shows six small extracts from Esso maps of different European countries. All the extracts are taken from 1957 maps, a year when Esso maps used a similar cartographic style across Europe, based upon an original design by the General Drafting Company. (1957 also happens to be the year of my birth, which is another good reason to use it!) Although the images are small, there should be enough detail to identify the country in each one.

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Have fun, and good luck!

Map image - quiz 2, map1

Map image - quiz 2, map 2

Map image - quiz 2, map 3

Map image - quiz 2, map 4

Map image - quiz 2, map 5

Map image - quiz 2, map 6

Map or Cover

Map or Cover

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Map or Cover

The area shown is known to locals as the Schwarzwald

L'Aquila is a place to take the waters in the mountain spine of this country

Ribe is a small town near the East Coast of this nation now famous for its wind turbines

Le Mans is a town with a famous 24-hour motor race

Steyr gave its name to a truck-maker, but Waldhofen is more typical of the local language

As the map shows, this country is known as the land of 10,000 lakes

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