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Brief History

Olerex was established in 1994 and has grown to be one of the top 3 brands of petrol in Estonia, with 44 service stations.


2011 Olerex map of Estonia

Olerex has issued several maps locating its service stations in recent years. This example comes from 2011 and has good quality cartography by REGIO; the only fault is that the large Olerex shields hide some of the roads. Unusually height above sea level is indicated by land colouring although all roads are in grey and lack mileage distances, making the map look more like an atlas than a typical road map. Small inset maps of towns with Olerex stations are placed round the edge; there is also a tiny inset map of Latvia showing towns with Viada petrol stations. Three Surgutneftegas stations are marked across the Russian border. The map carries adverts from related businesses including Addinol lubricants and Orlen (Poland's largest oil company).

2011 Olerex map of Estonia (detail)

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