The Amoco Map of Space Mysteries

This map, which is really a pictorial chart, includes some wonderful artist's impressions of the future of space travel, with fanciful rocket designs. It does suggest a way of reaching the moon from Earth orbit, but does not envisage man actually landing there in the (then) foreseeable future!

Amoco Space map rear cover

Amoco Space map internal image

Amoco Space map front cover

The Amoco Map of Space Mysteries was published by the American Oil Company in 1958 as a premium (giveaway) for its service stations and probably also at the exhibition in the Bronx called Freedomland USA. This was an early educational theme park, a bit like Epcot in concept, which operated from around 1958 to 1963 on a site between the New England Thruway and the Hutchinson River. Amoco sponsored a pavilion there and had large racks of maps which visitors could help themselves freely to.

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